Notice: We stop accepting containers the last 30 minutes of the scheduled hours.

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Found the time to take your bottle and cans back for your deposit only to find a line of people. After waiting for some time you finally get to the machine and it’s full and you have to wait for someone to empty it. Then when you’re done now you have to stand in line at the cashier to give them a receipt to get your cash. Bring them to bottle and can depot.

Tired of taking your bottle and cans back to the shopping center? Where you have to put your glass bottles in one machine and your plastic bottles and cans in another machine, then put them in one at a time. We found times where the machines were broke down and or full that nobody had emptied. Now you have a choice bring them to Bottle and Can Depot.                             

  Had a bottle drive and have a pickup truck full of bottle and cans? Don’t want to bring them to the shopping center and stand in line and put them in the machine one at a time?  Bring them to Bottle and Can Depot. You will not have to touch a thing. Our staff will unload and count all your bottle and cans and pay your deposit back in cash!

Our first walk in customer ( Bernadette )